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Something to Live For
By: Richard Roper

After a misunderstanding at a job interview, Andrew is perpetuating an accidental lie that he is a happy family man. In actuality, he has no family and few friends, save for a new colleague who learns little by little about him as they undertake the tasks of their very odd job. 

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The Crown Ain’t Worth Much
By: Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib

A collection of poetry from one of the best writers working today. Abdurraqib’s work will move you, leave you speechless, and paint the most vivid pictures in your mind. This book helped me to fall in love with poetry, and it is actually one of the first books of poetry I ever bought. I hope that it will inspire such a love in you.

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Ted Lasso
Created by: Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly

I started this show on a whim and finished it that same day. Ted Lasso is an American Football Coach with a heart of gold that takes a job coaching a football England. Watch as the always positive Ted not only betters this team, but himself and those around him as well. I have always been skeptical about my Apple TV+ subscription, but after this I may just keep it.


Available to stream on Apple TV+


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