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Created by: Richard Levinson & William Link

Vintage '70s TV series that is the classic example of dramatic irony. Love the clothes, the decor, the characters, and the vibe.

Available for streaming on Peacock.

New X-Men
Grant Morrison with art by Frank Quitely

The X-Men were my first love when it comes to comic books and Grant Morrison’s tenure on the book happens to be one of the absolute best runs on the X-Men, and in superhero comics, ever. Morrison is a brilliant writer who crafts weird and wonderful stories about a large cast of heroes and mutants attempting to navigate a world that fears their power as often as it celebrates their heroism.

Available wherever comics are sold

Steven Universe
Created by: Rebecca Sugar

I don’t think I have ever watched a show this happy. Steven Universe has made my very short list of shows I consider perfect. The first season is lengthy, but from the end of that through season 5 you get nothing but an excellent story punctuated with beautiful and heartfelt moments that will leave you with a feeling of hope and joy that can be hard to find nowadays. And once the show is over there is still a movie and a sequel series to enjoy after that, all of which is just as good as the initial 5 seasons. This show’s outlook on life and the world is something I wish I saw reflected in reality more often. If you want to watch a great show, or just need to cheer up, watch this. Plus, its setting is based on the Delaware beaches.

Available to stream on HBO Max