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The Church Politics Podcast
By: AND Campaign

Not liberal. Not conservative. Totally refreshing, especially now. Recommended episode: An Opposition-Centered Public Witness (12/9/20).

Available wherever books are sold

Turn Out the Lights
By: Julien Baker

A deeply personal album created by one of the most talented singer-songwriters working today. Baker’s lyricism is dark, intricate, and beautiful. She details her struggles with her own mental health across the album’s eleven songs and paints a stirring portrait of the difficulties of depression with little else besides her voice, her lyrics, and her guitar.

Available to stream on Spotify

Monster of the Week
Created By: Michael Sands

I thought a fun recommendation would be a game you can play with your friends from the safety of your own homes. Monster of the Week is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by legendary shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The X-FIles, with ways to play all sorts of unique and interesting characters and create memorable stories together. My friends and I have started a campaign in a fictional beach town haunted by a body-snatching slime monster. Everything you need to play is completely free on www.evilhat.com. Get playing today!

Supplements available Here





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