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Fill in the blank:


Writing is ______________________. 


For me, writing is like breathing; it reaches down to the deepest parts of me. It’s often my best way to be alone with myself. 

It’s a stage for my best routines, where I can pull out all the stops, and the stage-fright butterflies can’t touch me. 

It’s like wrestling, where my words and ideas sometimes struggle to work together; when I pin them down, success!


How about you? 

Next Page Ink is an online literary magazine that fosters creativity in a positive, community setting. Here, you can exercise your writing muscles, show off your best work, encourage others in their creative endeavors, and, most importantly, give a voice to creations that you might otherwise keep hidden. 

Next Page Ink is here for you. Search your writing notebooks, old essays, and phone poetry. Dust off your work, polish it up, and send it to us. We would love to make a home for it here! Let our creative categories inspire you. Start something new or resurrect something you’ve already started, then share it with us. Your work can have a new life here! 


Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” So, before you go, think about this: 

What’s on your next page? 



 Meet Our Editors: 

Cheryl Scheir 


Cheryl is an avid reader, humble tennis player, amateur gardener, and freelance medical writer. She’s also the President/Owner of Next Page Ink, LLC, which sponsors this literary magazine of (nearly) the same name. When she’s not turning pages, hitting groundstrokes, digging in the dirt, or developing training material for the pharmaceutical industry, she is probably encouraging her dog, Gus, that biting couch cushions is NOT a preferred method for getting attention.

William Eichler


Will is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a B.A. in English Literature. A voracious reader and writer, he is incredibly excited to work with Cheryl Scheir to create Next Page Ink, a place for aspiring writers and creatives to showcase their work with the community. Outside of contributing to Next Page Ink, Will is a halfway decent saxophone player, a terrible guitarist, and a chronic procrastinator. He is probably reading comics instead of working right now. 

 Meet Our Web Designer: 

Dakota Smith


Dakota is a graduate of Wesley College in Dover, Delaware. He Graduated with a B.A. in Multimedia Communications. Obsessed with Film from a young age, Dakota wanted to pursue film making as a career, but found a love of photography, web/graphic design and journalism while in school. Next Page Ink was a great site for him to not only practice the skills he had learned along the way, but also give other artists a chance to be in the spotlight. 

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