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Issue 7

Table of Contents

Myths & Monsters

Myths and monsters are surprisingly important in Will and my friendship. Between my obsession with the Sasquatch (you'll see later in this issue) or our numerous and ongoing Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, they come up a lot. So this issue is a special one to us. We've been bonding over fantasy, horror, and all manner of things that go bump in the night or beyond our understanding. I'm excited to share the art that our contributors and myself have created that was inspired by the myths and monsters with which we are so fascinated. Myths have inspired and enticed us since time immemorial, and monsters will always be a source of fear and awe that we love. even though they seem meant to make us feel the opposite. And this time of year is perfect for it, as the leaves start falling and pumpkins get carved, the world seems to be a little stranger along with being a little colder. So please, enjoy all that this issue of Next Page Ink has to offer, and try not to let the monsters get to you!


                                                                                                                                                                          -Dakota (and Will)                                                                                                                                                                                                   Myth & Monster, Next Page Ink


Photos by Dakota Smith

Short Stories

Bat-Squatch by Dakota Smith


Issue 7


Want to try something new?

Check out our recommendations!


Only Murders In the Building
Created By: John Hoffman & Steve Martin

This series of half-hour episodes features Martin Short as a washed up director, Steve Martin as an actor who is resting on a long ago success, and Selena Gomez as a child of privilege (or is she) in a pair of some truly striking boots. The trio, who live in the same NYC apartment building, joins forces to create a true crime podcast about a neighbor's mysterious death. However, they cannot stray too far for subject matter, as their guiding principle is to cover only murders in the building. Featuring the best rock star cameo ever, this is an innovative comedy that's worth a watch. 

Available to Stream on Hulu

The Fisherman
By John Langan

What starts as a crushing tale of grief turns into a chilling story of what grief can drive us to do. A widower seeking friendship through his favorite pastime of fishing is pulled into a terrible world of things that are far beyond his understanding, and brings back terrible memories of his own life and of the history of the mysterious river they go to visit. 

Available Wherever Books are Sold




Directed by: James Wan

This movie is everything Horror. I have never watched a movie that changes tone so much while still feeling so engaged. Every tonal shift was honestly the best part. At times I wasn't sure if Wan was parodying horror or just sending a love letter to his favorite genre. It seamlessly moves from The Conjuring to Friday the 13th and then somehow ends up feeling like The Matrix after that. My roommates and I were applauding in our living room by the end. Treat yourself to James Wan's masterful piece of horror.


Currently in Theaters, Coming to HBO Max soon

The Thing
By John Carpenter

The Thing was not as wildly loved as John Carpenter's prior work Halloween, but to me it’s a master work in the genre. Beautiful color, chilling score, incredibly claustrophobic, paranoid, and a practical effects juggernaut.

Available to Stream on STARZ or for Purchase Digitally


Freeman (Guest)


Acreton by Evan Jackewicz

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