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Do One Thing

By Will Eichler

I am one of many people I know who has trouble finishing things. I could not begin to tell you how many books I have started and told myself I would return to, the amount of video games whose credit sequences I have never seen, and the many many notes on my phone for story ideas that I have never started. Not to mention the handful of word documents, the google docs, all full of ideas that may not ever become fully formed. They could be a character, a scene, a quote, a premise. Each one is almost a skeleton in my closet, a reminder that I need to sit down and think about at least one of these ideas and really try to complete it. Turn it into something real. Two years ago, I did actually pick one story idea and I spent the summer of 2019 writing as much as I could for what is supposed to be my “first book.” Will it actually be that? I have no idea. It’s sitting somewhere around 80 pages and has stayed there for some time. But I started it. It is the one thing that I have really chosen to focus on, and I like to think it’s pretty good. There’s still quite a bit left for me to write, but I would not have gotten as far as I have if I had not chosen that particular story and decided that it was the one worth pursuing. Sometimes all it takes, picking one thing and pursuing it to the end.

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