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The New Day Sessions  

We have preconceived opinions of ourselves: our talents, our abilities, our obligations, our limitations, and of course our "failures."

What if you saw yourself in a new way…in a new light? Would you seize the opportunities and possibilities awaiting you in the new light of the day?

What if you wrote down your dreams…who you are working to become…what are your best qualities?

What if these written words were put onto a one-of-a-kind portrait of yourself in a light that you’ve never seen yourself in?

Now you can…


See Yourself in a Different Light


This is the opposite of a “normal” portrait. Some of these portraits are colorful, some are dark and moody.


The lighting is ever-changing. The backgrounds are dynamic. The randomness creates unique, one of a kind images.


And most importantly, the subjects are a part of the creative process to augment their personal growth. During the photo session, subjects digitally write down affirmations of what they want their future to look like.

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