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Where I'm From

By Mackenzie MacDonald

I’m from Frazier Street in Smyrna right around the corner from where you can wash your car

I’m from homemade Christmas cookies that began at the house in Clayton and will end in a
house in Smyrna

I’m from a loud Italian family who eats way too much pasta and drinks way too much beer

I’m from Mom and Dad who’ve had problems in the past

I’m from unconditional love, the kind that brings two people back together even through 2 splits
and a divorce

I’m from a missed yellow lab who would roam our neighborhood streets, but always come home

I’m from wasted time resulted in faded lines that tell the story of where I’ve been

I’m from finding myself as I slowly get older and wishing I’d stop growing up

I’m from medical and mental illnesses that will always affect me, but never win

Because it’s Where I’m From, not Where I’ll End

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