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Over the Line 


By Christian Wills

Time passes and the wave crashes on top of time

With a new law passed, fate was clear 

Freedom, was never truly free 

Even toward the North under the Golden star

They were bound to gravity by the South 

As many were roped, chained, and enslaved

One soul made way to escape the injustice

And was able to tell her truth 

She became the movement of a generation

Outspoken with written syndication 

For liberation, of Black and Brown bodies 

That bleed and believe in the freedom they seek

She became their voice, their spiritual uplift

Unearthed the unjust spirit of the wicked 

All in an attempt to save her people 

Bound to the higher northern lands of Canada

She spread news of journalistic views to

America Hoping to wake her up, open her eyes to see

That Black individuals are more than alive 

But were people who could thrive 

Despite the opposition, the mission was clear

Oppression could not silence or claim her 

She overpowered the oppressor through words unheard

She overcame the injustice with a movement unchanged

And went over the line in a land unbound to limitations

Yes, she truly, went over the line

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