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By Cheryl Scheir

In a season of life

when things were going down

(if you know what I mean)

And I didn’t know quite how to dig myself out

of the deep, deep darkness

(as if darkness could be dug)

I did what the wisest sage of our age would do:

I downloaded an app

that helps me do the work

of tracking the darkness

so it doesn’t pile up

and smother me


Each day, the app asks

“How are you?”

And I say,

“Okay” or “Good” or “Great”

Then I describe how I’m feeling

(I pick from a list)

On my best days, something like

Peaceful, rested, optimistic

On my worst days, something like

Uneasy, nervous, hopeless



Along with “the community”

I post messages about

what makes me anxious

times I can’t sleep

my challenging relationships

and quotes that inspire me

Then people

(Not trolls)

(Never trolls)

Respond and give “likes”

(No bad vibes allowed)


Back in August


What are you grateful for?

I posted this—

Grateful for ice cream sandwiches

Then got this response—

As we speak…Ice cream sandwich

Then another—

Just finished by 3rd bowl of today

Then another—

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Then this—


And one more—

Yes <3



It seems like almost nothing

But just like that

I started to feel

Normal, affirmed, cheerful

Loved, encouraged, accepted

And also


To open the freezer

Then open the box

Then unwrap the wrapper

Then fulfill my responsibility

To myself

To the team

Who knew the power

of such a small thing

that we shared


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