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By William Eichler

I’m not exactly an organized person

So to try and change that I’ve started setting reminders for myself 

Like do your laundry

Clean out the dishwasher

You have that paper due at the end of the week

Call your mom every once in a while

Catch up with your best friend

Eat breakfast

Eat something

Call your therapist

Remember it’s okay to talk about this

Remember you need time to heal

Remember this happened for a reason

Remember you needed to change for yourself

Remember it’s okay to be angry

Remember this is gonna hurt for a while

Remember that you are more than just a list of offenses

Remember you can cause more than just pain

Remember to breathe

And to look before leaping

Remember to think for a second 

Remember you don’t want to make things worse

Remember that you are real

That you have flesh that is worthy of gentleness

That you have a heart worthy of beating 

That you have a mind that is good for more 

than just being a record of your mistakes

Remember that you are still growing

That those aches and pains

are just your body adjusting to its change

Remember you have been in shadow for a long time

And that it is okay that you were stunted for a little while

You’ve got some light now

You just need to let it in

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