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A Hard Daze Work

By Will Eichler

My day usually begins with the sounds of two very energetic cats asking me to get them breakfast. After they have already spent the night running around the apartment and possibly knocking over my stuff (I have to stop here before this turns into a blog post about the triumphs and defeats of cat ownership). From there I drive to the office of the marketing firm I work for, I practice a sales pitch for an hour, and then I spend the rest of my day in a big box store, trying not to think about how annoying these customers probably find me. Then I go home. Sometimes I nap, I usually order takeout, and I relax until I repeat the process the next day. Now, I do not wish to complain about my job, having a job that pays during these unprecedented times is a privilege that I do not take lightly. However, considering you are presumably reading these posts to hear about the journey to becoming a professional writer, you may have noticed that my days do not typically include much writing. I have unfortunately fallen into the habit of waiting for “inspiration” to strike me, rather than approach writing as a skill that I work to improve through practice each day.

I suppose in the most literal sense, I am a professional writer, as I am being paid to write these posts by Cheryl, but I do not use this work to pay my bills and support myself. No, I work in sales for my day job. I admit it is draining, but it at the very least gives me enough time to work on this site, and my writing along with it, when I am able to motivate myself to do so. I hope in the days to come I find that my motivation remains more often than it does not, or that I can at the very least push myself to put words on a page, however few, on those days that I find myself unable to find true inspiration and motivation.

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