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From Andrew:

A little context is needed for "Please, Just Five More Minutes..."


I remember reading somewhere that the majority of suicidal urges dissipate in 5 minutes or less, that if many victims had simply given 5 more minutes of thought they would have survived. This hit me on a personal level, as I had a friend who tragically killed himself at the age of 12. To think that had he given just 5 minutes more minutes he would still be here today is a tough realization.


I tried to capture the essence of what someone standing on the edge, contemplating the jump would see and feel, looking down into uncertainty, the pleas of friends and family, strangers on the street below, your mind, telling you to step back from the edge, just give it five more minutes, is so powerful.


This also works into the theme "No Feeling Is Final" because no matter how real the feelings of suicide are: they are not final and will pass given time. 

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