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Watch that Young Pup Fly


By Christian Wills 

They say that when disaster arises in the neighborhood,
the only thing that can be heard is a small cry.
The whistle of the wind carries this faint voice,
between the crack of the alley-ways and cement stains.
That’s the howl. The howl of the young pup.
Within the darkness of the shadowy night,
lies the spirit of a new soul, trying to set itself free.
Shackled on an unbothered chain is the young pup.
The young pup lays outside at night, broken by the neighborhood
that tells it “you’ll be nothing. No more than a mere circus animal”.
Ridiculed by the young pup’s surroundings,
the young pup knows nothing outside of its environment.
It was never supplied with the care and support that other,
more deserving canines get on the regular.
The young pup could never see beyond the cameras,
screens filled with other, more lucky, more privileged pups,
living at home with their loved ones, underneath roof and ceiling.
Sitting solemnly in the sinking sand is the young pup,
longing to be in that fairytale of tornados with Dorothy.
Yet, the odds of Oz are unlikely in its favor.
The government could care less about this young pup.
The runt of the litter, forced to work and search and scrap amongst the
rest of these lowlifes that ask for a second chance.
Might find this young pup lost in the kennel, stuck at the pound,
doing another 5-10 years with the rest of it’s brothers,
simply for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Nothing can ever come easy for this young pup.
There’s no Lady and the Tramp or Fox and the Hound.
No amount of Disney movie magic could lessen the pain,
deep within the heart of the young pup.
Questioning Bluth’s truth of dogs going to heaven Dons on this young pup.
All this young pup has ever seen, felt, tasted, touched, smelled,
breathed, believed, and bleeded in these murky streets is a wasteland,
lost in living a life full of purpose and prosperity.
And yet, destiny calls on the less-fortunate.
Talent and passion are bred out of a struggle.
Happiness and smiles are shed in the darkness, when no one is looking.
Hope always comes looking for the lost souls, even in the darkest of nights.
The young pup knows this clearly.
Despite what the world has told the young pup.
Despite how the world treats the young pup.
Despite where the young pup has been all its life,

the young pup goes on, moving toward the future.
Gradually, the young pup understands the world a little more.
Freeing it’s mind, body and spirit from the chains of the Earth man has created.
Barking when needed most and biting at the right time,
waiting for its moment to shine.
The young pup, now the top dog of society, looks at its stripes.
Remembering the journey from the beginning and how it all started.
Holding tight the experience, letting loose of the pain.
Replacing it with wisdom it uses to fight the troubles of everyday life.
Becoming a better entity in the process, shedding its fur
and spreading its wings for a new day.
The young pup, now broken from its chains
continues to soar for all to see...
And when it does, watch that young pup fly.

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