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City Kid Turned

    By Christian Wills 

City kid turned coach and counselor. 

A man that lived his life and legacy, 

made his family and friends proud 

while transforming the minds of children 

on and off the field, time and time again. 

Passed on knowledge like football passes, 

high and mighty. Wise as the old soul, 

smooth and poised, no matter the position. 

City kid turned playful hero and friend. 

A person with a playful side, 

standing side by side with the strength you possessed.

Enter a room and light up the mood; 

save our hearts and soul with the magic you held. 

Made many memories that last longer 

than the Suns in the sky and the stars that fill the night. Now the

memory of you hangs high with the rest of the universe. 

City kid turned risk-taker and inspiration. 

Instilled a message of hope to friends, family, and foe. Changed

the hearts and minds of countless people over multiple

generations. You’ve done all that you could to provide and care for

your mother, your friends, your loved ones. The people that cherish

your life the same way you cherished ours. Took your chance in risking it all, playing the cards 

life dealt, while influencing others to do the same. 

City kid turned leader and activist. 

Determined and hard at work, doing what 

you believed to be right ’til the very end. The man, 

that spoke truth into power. Lived, laughed, loved, 

and became the person you were meant to be. 

Uplifted those from their roots and planted seeds 

that bear fruits from your labor. Watch as they grow and

encourage others, showing your greatness in the process. 

City kid turned gentle giant and fun spirit. 

Relaxing on a weekend night with companions all around.

Singing and talking the night away. Exposing your humanity,

your joy for life. Experiencing your happier moments with those t

hat hold you in close regard. Nurtured by sibling rivalries,

cared for by brotherly bonds and sisterly love. 

Creating a vacuum of emotions within a blanket of time.

Time spent together. Priceless and irreplaceable. 

City kid turned guardian angel and God’s returned child. The life you

lived may be short-lived, but the spirit of who you are remains strong, forever and ever. We looked to you for guidance, strength, wisdom,

laughter, protection, and inspiration. Now, we look up to your soul and

find peace through our pain, healing, through our suffering,

reassurance through our turmoil. You look down on us, proud of the

legacy that you left. Steady in God’s hand. The city kid turned to

heaven’s gates. 

Loved and remembered. You will not be forgotten.

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