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Current Events (As of Mid-March)

By Sandon Chevlin

There are no such thing as current events

Not with an update every 5 minutes

Or 4 new stories every hour

A new map 3 times a day

2 contradictions at a time

So I’m just taking it all in 1 moment at a time


Pacing in distant circles from everyone else 

As we all are, as I can tell

By the non-intersecting curves in our repetitious and unyielding path 

Dragging our collective feet like minutes across the perimeter of a 6 foot diameter clock

Seeing the seconds of sand seep through an hourglass


7 designated blocks at a time to kill

Rinsing and repeating 8 motions

9 if you count drying

But paper towels are in such short supply that I sometimes skip that step


Has it been 10 days yet?

I think my life started changing on March 11th

So I guess 12 days ago


What’s the difference?

Everything else has changed so much that comparing 10 days to 12 seems trivial


When prompted, I cannot tell you about a current event

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