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Changing the Narrative

By Kaelyn Doherty

you do not know pain, 

until you've collapsed in your shower 

from the weight of the world 

resting on your shoulders. 

feeling the water pelt your back 

and drip down your legs 

mixing in with your teardrops. 

feeling the past so intense 

as though it's the present 

the memories coming rushing back 

and drowning you in those feelings. 


you do not know bliss, 

until you’ve danced in your shower 

no longer bearing the weight 

your shoulders had been hosting. 

feeling the water run down your back 

and pour over your legs. 

dripping off the corners of your smile 

feeling the present so intense 

as though the past nonexistent 

the now fueling your fire 

and realizing you’re okay. 

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