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By Paige Doherty

It goes on.

Even when a country is in the deepest depths of despair,

in the darkest moments of time.

Even when there’s no way out,

and it seems like the end of the world has come to pass.

Even when bombs are relentlessly being dropped from the sky as people are 




and it seems like time is standing still.


It goes on.

Despite the homes of thousands upon thousands of 

innocents being destroyed.

Despite that there is no end in sight, no conclusion to this 

vicious attack that rages on.

Despite the fact that children are being murdered





It goes on.

The rest of the world watches, shrouding their cities in the

rich blue and gold colors of Ukraine.

The rest of the world watches, as a fearless leader faces imminent death 

but refuses to abandon his people.

The rest of the world watches, as a couple races their baby boy to a hospital

only to discover it was a futile effort.

The rest of the world watches, as families beg for mercy,

all the while their life is being





It goes on.

As violence fills the streets,

where children once played.

As ordinary people fight to survive,

waiting to see what their fate will be.

As families flee their homes, because they have 




if they want to live.


It goes on.

The clock keeps ticking, 

the world keeps turning,

and yet everyone on Earth is asking:

When will it end?

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